For the past 5 or so years, I've been extremely fortunate to have had some amazing experiences travelling the globe working with many creative peeps. Throughout the years I've been in relationships, always having constant companionship and a shoulder to cry on. I never experienced life alone.

After going through a breakup about a year ago I spent my days, weeks and months slowly picking the pieces of myself up that I'd lost. For a good 6 months I lived in a half empty house playing piano to my pet fish, finding my sense of self over time and learning some Harry Styles songs along the way.

I stayed social, but I finally felt myself alone. The real me. The me that puts myself first before anyone else. Call me selfish, but that means nothing more than a compliment. 

I started to spend more time visiting my family, doggo's and old friends back in my hometown. Heading back home for weeks on end living out of my suitcase. Coming back to Sydney every so often. But over time, I realised my energy had shifted and Sydney wasn't where I wanted to be. My hometown that I'd spent the last 4 years running away from had suddenly sucked me back. I wasn't complaining.

I remember the moment it all changed. I went to a gig and ran into a few people I hadn't seen in a while. Asking what I'd been up to, I didn't have much to say. And not having much if not anything new to say for myself, really scared me. I immediately booked a one way flight back to my hometown, enrolled in studies and 2 weeks later I was at school doing a degree in filmmaking.

Making it my priority to be focused. I bought a $30 Nokia. Mainly because going to a media school and being on a computer all day (currently typing this at 4am) the thought of having an iPhone sends shivers down my spine.

We all go through transitions in life and this is just another transition in mine. 

Stay tuned... or don't.